Charmed MySQL

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Channel Revision Published Runs on
8.0/stable 151 20 Apr 2023
Ubuntu 22.04
8.0/candidate 151 20 Apr 2023
Ubuntu 22.04
8.0/beta 151 20 Apr 2023
Ubuntu 22.04
8.0/edge 161 26 May 2023
Ubuntu 22.04
juju deploy mysql --channel 8.0/stable
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How to manage related applications

New mysql_client interface:

Relations to new applications are supported via the “mysql_client” interface. To create a relation:

juju relate mysql application

To remove a relation:

juju remove-relation mysql application

Legacy mysql interface:

We have also added support for the database legacy relation via the mysql interface. Please note that these interface is deprecated.

juju relate mysql:mysql wordpress

Also extended permissions can be requested using mysql-root edpoint:

juju relate mysql:mysql-root wordpress

Rotate applications password

To rotate the passwords of users created for related applications, the relation should be removed and related again. That process will generate a new user and password for the application.

juju remove-relation application mysql
juju add-relation application mysql

Internal operator user

The operator user is used internally by the Charmed MySQL Operator, the set-password action can be used to rotate its password.

  • To set a specific password for the operator user
juju run-action mysql/leader set-password password=<password> --wait
  • To randomly generate a password for the operator user
juju run-action mysql/leader set-password --wait

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