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Enable Monitoring

The Charmed Kafka Operator comes with the JMX exporter. The metrics can be queried by accessing the http://<unit-ip>:9101/metrics endpoints.

Additionally, the charm provides integration with the Canonical Observability Stack.

Deploy cos-lite bundle in a Kubernetes environment. This can be done by following the deployment tutorial. Since the Charmed Kafka Operator is deployed on a machine environment, it is needed to offer the endpoints of the COS relations. The offers-overlay can be used, and this step is shown in the COS tutorial.

Switch to COS K8s environment and offer COS interfaces to be cross-model related with Charmed Kafka VM model:

# Switch to Kubernetes controller, for the cos model.
juju switch <k8s_controller>:<cos_model_name>

juju offer grafana:grafana-dashboard grafana-dashboards
juju offer loki:logging loki-logging
juju offer prometheus:receive-remote-write prometheus-receive-remote-write

Switch to Charmed Kafka VM model, find offers and relate with them:

# We are on the Kubernetes controller, for the cos model. Switch to mysql model
juju switch <machine_controller_name>:<kafka_model_name>

juju find-offers <k8s_controller>:

A similar output should appear, if k8s is the k8s controller name and cos the model where cos-lite has been deployed:

Store      URL                                        Access  Interfaces
k8s        admin/cos.grafana-dashboards               admin   grafana_dashboard:grafana-dashboard
k8s        admin/cos.loki-logging                     admin   loki_push_api:logging
k8s        admin/cos.prometheus-receive-remote-write  admin   prometheus-receive-remote-write:receive-remote-write

Consume offers to be reachable in the current model:

juju consume k8s:admin/cos.prometheus-receive-remote-write
juju consume k8s:admin/cos.loki-logging
juju consume k8s:admin/cos.grafana-dashboards

Now, deploy grafana-agent (subordinate charm) and relate it with Charmed Kafka, later relate grafana-agent with consumed COS offers:

juju deploy grafana-agent
juju relate kafka:cos-agent grafana-agent
juju relate grafana-agent grafana-dashboards
juju relate grafana-agent loki-logging
juju relate grafana-agent prometheus-receive-remote-write

After this is complete, Grafana will show the new dashboards: Kafka Exporter and allows access for Charmed Kafka logs on Loki.

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