Charmed PostgreSQL

Channel Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 316 11 Aug 2023
Ubuntu 22.04 Ubuntu 20.04 Ubuntu 18.04 Ubuntu 16.04
14/stable 288 18 Apr 2023
Ubuntu 22.04
14/candidate 326 19 Sep 2023
14/beta 326 19 Sep 2023
14/edge 329 23 Sep 2023
juju deploy postgresql --channel 14/stable
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How to enable monitoring

Warning: The feature is currently available in the channel 14/candidate only (revision 296+) and will be released to the channel 14/stable soon.

Enable monitoring requires that you:

Switch to COS K8s environment and offer COS interfaces to be cross-model related with Charmed PostgreSQL VM model:

# Switch to Kubernetes controller, for the cos model.
juju switch <k8s_controller>:<cos_model_name>

juju offer grafana:grafana-dashboard grafana-dashboards
juju offer loki:logging loki-logging
juju offer prometheus:receive-remote-write prometheus-receive-remote-write

Switch to Charmed PostgreSQL VM model, find offers and relate with them:

# We are on the Kubernetes controller, for the cos model. Switch to postgresql model
juju switch <machine_controller_name>:<postgresql_model_name>

juju find-offers <k8s_controller>:admin/<cos_model_name>

A similar output should appear, if k8s is the k8s controller name and cos the model where cos-lite has been deployed:

Store      URL                                        Access  Interfaces
k8s        admin/cos.grafana-dashboards               admin   grafana_dashboard:grafana-dashboard
k8s        admin/cos.loki-logging                     admin   loki_push_api:logging
k8s        admin/cos.prometheus-receive-remote-write  admin   prometheus-receive-remote-write:receive-remote-write

Consume offers to be reachable in the current model:

juju consume <k8s_controller>:admin/cos.prometheus-receive-remote-write
juju consume <k8s_controller>:admin/cos.loki-logging
juju consume <k8s_controller>:admin/cos.grafana-dashboards

Now, deploy grafana-agent (subordinate charm) and relate it with Charmed PostgreSQL, later relate grafana-agent with consumed COS offers:

juju deploy grafana-agent
juju relate postgresql:cos-agent grafana-agent
juju relate grafana-agent grafana-dashboards
juju relate grafana-agent loki-logging
juju relate grafana-agent prometheus-receive-remote-write

After this is complete, Grafana will show the new dashboards: PostgreSQL Exporter and allows access for Charmed PostgreSQL logs on Loki.

The example of juju status on Charmed PostgreSQL VM model:

ubuntu@localhost:~$ juju status
Model      Controller  Cloud/Region         Version  SLA          Timestamp
vmmodel    local       localhost/localhost  2.9.42   unsupported  00:12:18+02:00

SAAS                             Status  Store    URL
grafana-dashboards               active  k8s      admin/cos.grafana-dashboards
loki-logging                     active  k8s      admin/cos.loki-logging
prometheus-receive-remote-write  active  k8s      admin/cos.prometheus-receive-remote-write

App                   Version      Status  Scale  Charm               Channel   Rev  Exposed  Message
grafana-agent                      active      1  grafana-agent       edge        5  no
postgresql              14.7       active      1  postgresql          14/edge   296  no       Primary

Unit                          Workload  Agent  Machine  Public address  Ports               Message
postgresql/3*                 active    idle   4                       Primary
  grafana-agent/0*            active    idle  

Machine  State    Address        Inst id        Series  AZ  Message
4        started  juju-fcde9e-4  jammy       Running

The example of juju status on COS K8s model:

ubuntu@localhost:~$ juju status
Model  Controller   Cloud/Region        Version  SLA          Timestamp
cos    k8s          microk8s/localhost  2.9.42   unsupported  00:15:31+02:00

App           Version  Status  Scale  Charm             Channel  Rev  Address         Exposed  Message
alertmanager  0.23.0   active      1  alertmanager-k8s  stable    47  no
catalogue              active      1  catalogue-k8s     stable    13  no
grafana       9.2.1    active      1  grafana-k8s       stable    64  no
loki          2.4.1    active      1  loki-k8s          stable    60  no
prometheus    2.33.5   active      1  prometheus-k8s    stable   103  no
traefik       2.9.6    active      1  traefik-k8s       stable   110   no

Unit             Workload  Agent  Address      Ports  Message
alertmanager/0*  active    idle
catalogue/0*     active    idle
grafana/0*       active    idle
loki/0*          active    idle
prometheus/0*    active    idle
traefik/0*       active    idle

Offer                            Application  Charm           Rev  Connected  Endpoint              Interface                Role
grafana-dashboards               grafana      grafana-k8s     64   1/1        grafana-dashboard     grafana_dashboard        requirer
loki-logging                     loki         loki-k8s        60   1/1        logging               loki_push_api            provider
prometheus-receive-remote-write  prometheus   prometheus-k8s  103  1/1        receive-remote-write  prometheus_remote_write  provider

To connect Grafana WEB interface, follow the COS section “Browse dashboards”.

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