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Channel Revision Published
latest/stable 414 01 Dec 2023
latest/candidate 294 24 Jan 2022
latest/beta 418 12 Jul 2024
latest/edge 417 12 Jul 2024
1.9/beta 418 12 Jul 2024
1.9/edge 417 12 Jul 2024
1.8/stable 414 22 Nov 2023
1.8/beta 411 22 Nov 2023
1.8/edge 413 22 Nov 2023
1.7/stable 409 27 Oct 2023
1.7/beta 408 27 Oct 2023
1.7/edge 407 27 Oct 2023
1.6/stable 329 07 Sep 2022
1.6/beta 326 23 Aug 2022
1.6/edge 328 07 Sep 2022
1.4/stable 321 30 Jun 2022
1.4/edge 320 30 Jun 2022
juju deploy kubeflow --channel 1.9/edge
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Charms in the Kubeflow bundle

Admission Webhook
Argo Controller
Dex Auth
Istio Gateway
Istio Pilot
Jupyter Controller
Jupyter Ui
Katib Controller
Mysql K8S
Katib Db Manager
Katib Ui
Kfp Api
Mysql K8S
Kfp Metadata Writer
Kfp Persistence
Kfp Profile Controller
Kfp Schedwf
Kfp Ui
Kfp Viewer
Kfp Viz
Knative Eventing
Knative Operator
Knative Serving
Kserve Controller
Kubeflow Dashboard
Kubeflow Profiles
Kubeflow Roles
Kubeflow Volumes
Metacontroller Operator
Oidc Gatekeeper
Pvcviewer Operator
Tensorboard Controller
Tensorboards Web App
Training Operator

Charmed Kubeflow is an open-source, end-to-end, production-ready MLOps platform on top of cloud native technologies.

Charmed Kubeflow translates Machine Learning steps into complete workflows, enabling training, tuning, and shipping of Machine Learning (ML) models. It enables automation of workflows, increases quality of models, and simplifies deployment of ML workloads into production in a reliable way.

Charmed Kubeflow meets the need of building ML applications in a structured and consistent manner while contributing to higher productivity and better collaboration in Data Science teams.

For Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers Charmed Kubeflow provides an advanced toolkit to organise and scale their work.

In this documentation

Learn how to deploy, debug and explore Kubeflow in this exciting sequence of tutorials
How-to guides
Navigate essential Kubeflow procedures like EKS installation
Deep-dive into the details of Kubeflow on topics like authorisation
Find technical information on things like authentication with Dex and supported versions

Project and community

Charmed Kubeflow is a member of the Ubuntu family. It’s an open-source project that welcomes community contributions, suggestions, fixes and constructive feedback.

Thinking about using Charmed Kubeflow for your next project? Get in touch!