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juju deploy mattermost-k8s
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Mattermost application upgrades

Mattermost version upgrades are done by updating the mattermost_image_path juju config variable to point to an image with a newer version of Mattermost than the one currently deployed.

As an example, if mattermost_image_path is set to mattermostcharmers/mattermost:5.27.0, running the following will trigger an upgrade:

juju config mattermost mattermost_image_path="mattermostcharmers/mattermost:5.29.0"

Juju, Kubernetes, and Mattermost then work together to ensure that one pod is upgraded to the new version and makes any database schema changes before the rest of the pods are upgraded in their turn.

Images are built via an OCI Recipe on Launchpad and pushed to mattermostcharmers/mattermost on dockerhub. Each image is tagged with the version number of Mattermost that it was built with (e.g. 5.29.0).

Alternatively, you can also build a new image locally with the version required and update the mattermost_image_path config option to point to wherever you’ve published the image.

Charm upgrades

If you have deployed Mattermost from the charmstore directly, you can upgrade to a new charm version by simply running the juju upgrade command:

juju upgrade-charm mattermost