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latest/stable 27 22 Nov 2023
Ubuntu 20.04
latest/edge 18 14 Jun 2021
Ubuntu 20.04
juju deploy mattermost-k8s
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Images are built via an OCI Recipe on Launchpad and pushed to mattermostcharmers/mattermost on dockerhub. Each image is tagged with the version number of Mattermost that it was built with (e.g. 5.29.0 ). The images published there are built using this Dockerfile.


Plugins are also managed via the image build. The image builder does not enable any additional plugins by default, but examples of enabling prepackaged and downloaded plugins via the image_flavour build argument can be found on line 32 of the Dockerfile.

Webapp Customizations

To deploy changes to the Mattermost webapp itself (for example, we wrote a patch to add branded themes to our deployment) see line 39 onwards of the Dockerfile for details.

Local Image Builds

git clone mattermost-image-build
docker build -t localhost:32000/mattermost ./mattermost-image-build
docker push localhost:32000/mattermost

Then, to use your new image, either replace the deploy step above with

juju deploy ./charm-k8s-mattermost/mattermost.charm --config mattermost_image_path=localhost:32000/mattermost:latest mattermost

or, if you’ve already deployed mattermost:

juju config mattermost mattermost_image_path=localhost:32000/mattermost:latest