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latest/stable 20 20 09 Aug 2021
Ubuntu 20.04
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Ubuntu 20.04
juju deploy mattermost-k8s
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Mattermost Operator

A Juju charm deploying and managing Mattermost on Kubernetes, configurable to use a PostgreSQL backend.


Mattermost offers both a Team Edition and an Enterprise Edition. This charm supports both, with the default image deploying the Team Edition. Supported features include authentication via SAML, Push Notifications, clustering, the storage of images and attachments in S3, and a Prometheus exporter for performance monitoring. This charm also offers seamless Mattermost version upgrades, initiated by switching to an image with a newer version of Mattermost than the one currently deployed.


For details on using Kubernetes with Juju see here, and for details on using Juju with MicroK8s for easy local testing see here.

To deploy the charm and relate it to the PostgreSQL K8s charm within a Juju Kubernetes model:

juju deploy postgresql-k8s
juju deploy mattermost-k8s
juju relate mattermost-k8s postgresql-k8s:db
juju expose mattermost-k8s

Once the deployment has completed and the "mattermost-k8s" workload state in juju status has changed to "active" you can visit http://mattermost-k8s in a browser (assuming mattermost-k8s resolves to the IP(s) of your k8s ingress) and log in to your Mattermost instance, and you'll be presented with a screen to create an initial admin account. Further accounts must be created using this admin account, or by setting up an external authentication source, such as SAML.

For further details, see here.