Grafana Agent

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Channel Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 24 31 Jan 2023
Ubuntu 20.04
latest/candidate 24 31 Jan 2023
Ubuntu 20.04
latest/beta 24 31 Jan 2023
Ubuntu 20.04
latest/edge 34 Today
Ubuntu 20.04
1.0/stable 24 31 Jan 2023
Ubuntu 20.04
1.0/candidate 24 31 Jan 2023
Ubuntu 20.04
1.0/beta 24 31 Jan 2023
Ubuntu 20.04
1.0/edge 24 31 Jan 2023
Ubuntu 20.04
juju deploy grafana-agent-k8s
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Grafana Agent Charmed Operator for Kubernetes

Test Suite


Grafana Agent is a telemetry collector for sending metrics, logs, and trace data to the opinionated Grafana observability stack.

The Grafana Agent Charmed Operator deploys Grafana Agent in Kubernetes using Juju and the Charmed Operator Lifecycle Manager (OLM).

As a single entry point to the Canonical Observability Stack, the Grafana Agent charm brings several conveniences when deployed inside a monitored cluster:

  • Charms are related to the Grafana Agent charm, instead of to Prometheus and Loki individually. In typical deployments this would reduce the number of cross-model relations that would have been otherwise needed.
  • Conversion from scraping to remote writing: Grafana Agent would collect telemetry inside the cluster network and push it to the COS cluster (via loki_push_api and prometheus_remote_write), which simplifies firewall configuration, as only outgoing connections would need to be established.

See deployment scenarios for further detail.


Create a Juju model for your operators, say "cos"

juju add-model cos

The Grafana agent may be deployed using the juju command line:

juju deploy grafana-agent-k8s

If required, you can remove the deployment completely:

juju destroy-model -y cos --no-wait --force --destroy-storage


Currently supported relations are:

    interface: prometheus_remote_write
    interface: prometheus_scrape
    interface: loki_push_api

    interface: prometheus_scrape
    interface: grafana_dashboard
    interface: loki_push_api

More detailed information about these relations can be found in Charmhub docs page.

OCI Images

This charm by default uses the v0.26.1 release of the grafana/agent