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Channel Version Revision Published Runs on
latest/beta 9 9 18 Jan 2022
Ubuntu 20.04
latest/edge 15 15 28 Apr 2022
Ubuntu 20.04
juju deploy alertmanager-k8s --channel beta
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Alertmanager Operator (k8s)


The Alertmanager operator provides an alerting solution for the Prometheus Operator. It is part of an Observability stack in the Juju charm ecosystem. Alertmanager accepts alerts from Prometheus, then deduplicates, groups and routes them to the selected receiver, based on a set of alerting rules. These alerting rules may be set by any supported charm that uses the services of Prometheus by forming a relation with it.


juju deploy alertmanager-k8s
juju config alertmanager-k8s \
  config_file='@path/to/alertmanager.yml' \

See config.yaml for the full details.


Use this option to pass your own alertmanager configuration file:

juju deploy alertmanager-k8s --config config_file='@path/to/alertmanager.yml'

or after deployment:

`juju config alertmanager-k8s config_file='@path/to/alertmanager.yml'`

Refer to the official documentation for full details.

Note that the configuration file must not have a templates section. Instead, you should use the templates_file config option. This is a slight deviation from the official alertmanager config spec.


Use this option to push templates that are being used by the configuration file.

All templates need to go into this single config option, instead of the 'templates' section of the main configuration file. The templates will be pushed to the workload container, and the configuration file will be updated accordingly. Refer to the official documentation for more details on templates.

  • show-config: Show alertmanager config file.
Scale Out Usage

HA is achieved by providing each Alertmanager instance at least one IP address of another instance. The cluster would then auto-update with subsequent changes to the cluster.

You may add additional Alertmanager units for high availability

juju add-unit alertmanager-k8s

Scaling alertmanager would automatically cause karma to group alerts by cluster.


The Alertmanager dashboard may be accessed at the default port (9093) on the IP address of the Alertmanager unit, which is determinable with a juju status command.


Currently, supported relations are:

  • Prometheus, which forwards alerts to Alertmanager over the alertmanager_dispatch interface. Set up with juju add-relation alertmanager-k8s prometheus-k8s.
  • Karma, which displays alerts from all related alertmanager instances over the karma_dashboard interface. Set up with juju add-relation alertmanager-k8s karma-k8s.

OCI Images

This charm can be used with the following images:

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