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Omnivector Slurm Distribution

A suite of codified operations to assemble, install, deploy, and operate Slurm.


The Slurm Charms are a custom curated suite of tools and automation that facilitate the lifecycle events and continuous operation of a Slurm cluster.

Assuming you have Juju installed and bootstrapped, deploying a Slurm cluster involves running only a single command:

$ juju deploy slurm

This command will deploy and configure a Slurm cluster with:

  • 1 slurmctld node: the central management node
  • 1 slurmdbd node: the database accounting node
  • 1 slurmd node: the compute node
  • 1 slurmrestd node: the REST API interface to Slurm
  • 1 percona-cluster node: the MySQL database


Please visit the OSD documentation for extended details on how to operate, extend, and scale Slurm using OSD.


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In the case things aren't working as expected, please file a bug.


The Slurm charms are maintained under the MIT license. See LICENSE file in this directory for full preamble.

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