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Channel Version Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 79 79 07 Sep 2022
latest/beta 174 174 Yesterday
latest/edge 55 55 21 Feb 2022
13.0/beta 176 176 Yesterday
12.0/stable 80 80 07 Sep 2022
12.0/beta 147 147 18 Nov 2022
11.0/stable 65 65 22 Aug 2022
11.0/edge 57 57 23 Feb 2022
10.0/stable 63 63 22 Aug 2022
10.0/candidate 60 60 11 Mar 2022
10.0/edge 58 58 23 Feb 2022
juju deploy osm-ha
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Go to the OSM User Guide for the highly available production-grade deployment. For a more minimal cluster suitable for testing, deploy the single instance OSM bundle.

Bundle Components

  • grafana: A CAAS charm to deploy grafana for metrics visualization
  • kafka k8s: A CAAS charm to deploy Kafka used as a messaging bus between OSM components
  • lcm: A CAAS charm to deploy OSM's Lifecycle Management (LCM) component responsible for network services orchestration.
  • mariadb k8s: A Juju charm deploying and managing database server (MariaDB) on Kubernetes
  • mon: A CAAS charm to deploy OSM's Monitoring Interface (MON) responsible for metrics collection
  • mongodb k8s: A CAAS charm to deploy MongoDB responsible for structuring the data
  • nbi: A juju charm to deploy OSM's Northbound Interface (NBI) on Kubernetes.
  • pol: A CAAS charm to deploy OSM's Policy Module (POL) responsible for configuring alarms and actions
  • prometheus: A CAAS charm to deploy Prometheus.
  • ro: A CAAS charm to deploy OSM's Resource Orchestrator (RO) responsible for the life cycle management of VIM resources.
  • ng-ui: A CAAS charm to deploy OSM's User Interface (UI)
  • zookeeper k8s: A CAAS charm to deploy zookeeper for distributed synchronization


If you have any trouble with the installation, please contact us, we will be glad to answer your questions.

You can directly contact the team: