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latest/stable 35 35 08 Apr 2021
Ubuntu 20.04
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Ubuntu 20.04
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Ubuntu 20.04
juju deploy charmed-osm-mariadb-k8s
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MariaDB Operator

A Juju charm deploying and managing MariaDB on Kubernetes.


MariaDB turns data into structured information in a wide array of applications, ranging from banking to websites. Originally designed as enhanced, drop-in replacement for MySQL, MariaDB is used because it is fast, scalable and robust, with a rich ecosystem of storage engines, plugins and many other tools make it very versatile for a wide variety of use cases.

MariaDB is developed as open source software and as a relational database it provides an SQL interface for accessing data. The latest versions of MariaDB also include GIS and JSON features.

More information can be found in the MariaDB Knowledge Base.


For details on using Kubernetes with Juju see here, and for details on using Juju with MicroK8s for easy local testing see here.

To deploy the charm into a Juju Kubernetes model:

juju deploy cs:~charmed-osm/mariadb

The charm can then be easily related to an application that supports the mysql relation, such as:

juju deploy cs:~charmed-osm/keystone
juju relate keystone mariadb-k8s

Once the "Workload" status of both mariadb-k8s and keystone is "active", using the "Application" IP of keystone (from juju status):

# Change as appropriate for you juju model
curl -i -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '
{ "auth": {
    "identity": {
      "methods": ["password"],
      "password": {
        "user": {
          "name": "admin",
          "domain": { "id": "default" },
         "password": "admin"
' "http://${KEYSTONE_APPLICATION_IP}:5000/v3/auth/tokens" ; echo

This will create a token that you could use to query Keystone.

For more details, see here.