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Channel Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 249 23 Mar 2023
latest/beta 675 29 Aug 2023
latest/edge 120 14 Sep 2022
14.0/stable 574 20 Jul 2023
14.0/candidate 561 12 Jul 2023
14.0/beta 592 28 Jul 2023
14.0/edge 533 12 Jul 2023
13.0/stable 311 13 Apr 2023
13.0/candidate 203 09 Dec 2022
13.0/beta 727 Today
12.0/stable 484 21 Jun 2023
12.0/beta 726 Today
11.0/stable 81 22 Aug 2022
11.0/edge 71 22 Feb 2022
10.0/stable 578 17 Jul 2023
10.0/candidate 76 11 Mar 2022
10.0/edge 72 23 Feb 2022
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Charms in the Charmed OSM bundle

Osm Grafana
Nginx Ingress Integrator
Kafka K8S
Osm Keystone
Osm Lcm
Charmed Osm Mariadb K8S
Osm Mon
Mongodb K8S
Osm Nbi
Osm Ng Ui
Osm Pol
Osm Prometheus
Osm Ro
Osm Vca Integrator
Zookeeper K8S

Note: Our product Charmed OSM is no longer supported beyond release 14. The charm will not receive bug fixes or maintenance. If you have any questions please contact here

Charmed OSM is an open source, model driven orchestrator for telco network functions maintained by Canonical.

OSM brings model driven operations to a standards-based MANO, from the instantiation to the deletion, allowing day1 and day2 configuration, healing, scaling or closed loop automation of the Network Functions. As a community-led project, OSM delivers a production-quality MANO stack that meets operators’ requirements for commercial NFV deployments.

Due to the standardization of Information models, OSM is a single pane of glass for orchestration and configuration of virtualized and cloud-native network functions (PNFs, VNFs and CNFs) provided by any vendor. It is agnostic of the cloud where the network functions will be deployed for example public clouds (AWS, Azure and GCP), private clouds (Openstack, K8s clusters).

Telecommunications Service Providers (TSPs) will get one tool to facilitate the management of their Telco cloud and accelerating the migration of Network Functions. VNF vendors can standardize the onboardings making it easier and quick to reuse deployment of their Network Functions in new environments. Finally, System Integrators will also benefit from the easy and repeatable installation and will have a single tool for orchestration of multi vendor workloads on multi VIM environments which makes integration of solution easier.

Project and community

Charmed OSM is a member of the Ubuntu family. It’s an open source project that warmly welcomes community projects, contributions, suggestions, fixes and constructive feedback.

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