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Oathkeeper auth_proxy interface reference

In this reference we will provide a technical description of the parameters passed by charmed applications to Charmed Oathkeeper as part of auth_proxy integration.

See more: Charmhub | Oathkeeper > Integrations > auth_proxy

The parameters passed to Oathkeeper by the charms aiming to integrate with the Identity and Access Proxy are an important part of the integration as they will be translated into access rules and define restrictions on your application access.


Required: yes


A list of urls that your application is reachable at. It is recommended to set up tls, for example with tls-certificates interface and self-signed-certificates operator. This parameter should be updated whenever the Traefik ingress relation changes.


["", ""]


Required: no


A list of endpoints you want to allow access to without the need of going through the authentication process. All other endpoints except for the ones provided in that parameter will require authentication.


[“health”, “about/app”]

Given protected_urls=["https://my-domain.com"], all application endpoints except for https://my-domain.com/health and https://my-domain.com/about/app will require authentication.


Required: no


A list of response headers that your charmed application expects to receive from the proxy once authenticated. The headers can be custom as oathkeeper supports mutators - it’s able to transform credentials into headers that your backend understands, i.e. X-User. Check the currently supported headers here.


["X-User", “X-Email"]

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