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juju deploy oathkeeper
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Integrate your Charmed Operator with Identity and Access Proxy

Applications that do not conform to OAuth/OIDC standards or don’t offer built-in access control can be secured using the Identity and Access Proxy (IAP) solution, which offers a possibility to protect endpoints by intercepting incoming requests and delegating the authn/authz process to the relevant components of the Identity Platform.

Oathkeeper is the main entrypoint to plug the Identity and Access Proxy to your charmed operator. It can be achieved using the power of juju relations.

This guide will explain how to extend the Identity Platform with the Identity and Access Proxy and integrate the solution with your charm, allowing you to restrict access to your application to authenticated users only.

We are going to assume that:

  1. Your charmed application doesn’t support the OAuth 2.0/OIDC protocols, otherwise refer to this guide instead.
  2. Your charmed application supports integration with Charmed Traefik via ingress-per-app or ingress-per-unit interface and provides Charmed Oathkeeper with necessary data by supporting the auth_proxy interface.
  3. You have deployed the Identity Platform bundle.
  4. You have deployed your charmed application on Kubernetes.

This deployment should be your starting point:

$ juju status
Model  Controller          Cloud/Region        Version  SLA          Timestamp
iam    microk8s-localhost  microk8s/localhost  3.1.5    unsupported  14:21:47+03:00

App                                  Version  Status   Scale  Charm                                Channel      Rev  Address         Exposed  Message
hydra                                v2.1.1   active       1  hydra                                latest/edge  267   no
identity-platform-login-ui-operator           active       1  identity-platform-login-ui-operator  latest/edge   74   no
kratos                               v1.0.0   active       1  kratos                               latest/edge  383  no
kratos-external-idp-integrator                active      1  kratos-external-idp-integrator       latest/edge  182   no
postgresql-k8s                       14.7     active       1  postgresql-k8s                       14/stable     73   no       Primary
self-signed-certificates                      active       1  self-signed-certificates             edge          30  no
traefik-admin                        2.10.4   active       1  traefik-k8s                          latest/edge  149    no
traefik-public                       2.10.4   active       1  traefik-k8s                          latest/edge  149    no

Unit                                    Workload  Agent  Address      Ports  Message
hydra/0*                                active    idle
identity-platform-login-ui-operator/0*  active    idle
kratos-external-idp-integrator/0*       active    idle
kratos/0*                               active    idle
postgresql-k8s/0*                       active    idle         Primary
self-signed-certificates/0*             active    idle
traefik-admin/0*                        active    idle
traefik-public/0*                       active    idle

In order to set up the proxy, you first need to enable the ForwardAuth feature in Charmed Traefik and integrate its instance with your charm:

juju config traefik-public enable_experimental_forward_auth=True
juju integrate your-charm traefik-public

The next step is to deploy Charmed Oathkeeper and integrate it with Charmed Traefik:

juju deploy oathkeeper --channel edge --trust
juju integrate oathkeeper traefik-public:experimental-forward-auth

You can follow the deployment status with watch -c juju status --color.

Then, integrate your charm with the proxy by running:

juju integrate oathkeeper your-charm:auth-proxy

As a result of the integration, Charmed Oathkeeper will create a set of access rules that define restrictions on your charmed application access. Charmed Traefik will enforce applying those rules with the ForwardAuth middleware.

Finally, integrate the proxy with Identity Platform with the use of Kratos charmed operator:

juju integrate oathkeeper kratos
juju config kratos dev=True

When you access your application, Charmed Traefik will ask Oathkeeper whether access to the endpoint is protected. If so, it will check if there is a valid session. In case it doesn’t find one, it will redirect to the Identity Platform login page. Upon successful authentication, you will be redirected back to the original url.

See more: Charmhub | Oathkeeper > Integrations

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