Charmed MySQL K8s

Channel Revision Published Runs on
8.0/stable 127 22 Mar 2024
Ubuntu 22.04
8.0/candidate 150 Today
Ubuntu 22.04
8.0/beta 150 Today
Ubuntu 22.04
8.0/edge 150 Yesterday
Ubuntu 22.04
juju deploy mysql-k8s --channel 8.0/stable
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Charmed MySQL K8s revision 127

March 22, 2024

Dear community, this is to inform you that new Canonical Charmed MySQL K8s is published in 8.0/stable charmhub channel for Kubernetes.

Features you can start using today


Canonica Data issues are now public on both Jira and GitHub platforms.
GitHub Releases provide a detailed list of bugfixes/PRs/Git commits for each revision.

Highlights for the current revision:

  • DPE-3547 Fixed mitigations for container restart in #377
  • DPE-3389 Fixed support for rollbacks with incompatible data dir in #385
  • DPE-2919 Fixed pod labels update on preemptive switchover in #367
  • DPE-3265 Refactored lib secrets in #362
  • DPE-2758 Fixed messaging when no bucket + ceph testing in #332
  • DPE-3027 Fixed retry policy for is_mysqld_running in #356
  • Fixed typo in secrets marker in #380
  • Fixed parallel backup tests in #375
  • Removed colon from logrotate file path in #351

What is inside the charms

  • Charmed MySQL K8s ships MySQL “8.0.35-0ubuntu0.22.04.1
  • CLI mysql-shell updated to “8.0.33-0ubuntu0.22.04.1~ppa1
  • Backup tools xtrabackup/xbcloud updated to “8.0.35-30
  • The Prometheus mysqld-exporter is “0.14.0-0ubuntu0.22.04.1~ppa1
  • K8s charms based on our ROCK OCI (Ubuntu 22.04 LTS - ubuntu:22.04-based)
  • Principal charms supports the latest Ubuntu 22.04 LTS only

Technical notes

Project and community

Charmed MySQL K8s is an official distribution of MySQL. It’s an open-source project that welcomes community contributions, suggestions, fixes and constructive feedback.

Please check all the previous release notes if you are jumping over the several stable revisions!

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