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juju deploy znc
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You will need Juju 2.9 to be able to run this command. Learn how to upgrade to Juju 2.9.
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Ubuntu 16.04




ZNC open source IRC Bouncer Read more

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Portable, open source IRC bouncer written in C++. It can be extended using modules written either in C++ or in Perl and Tcl.


$ juju deploy cs:~adam-stokes/znc

Before you can make use of your new IRC bouncer you'll need to set the proper admin credentials.

Set the admin username

$ juju config znc admin_user="my_admin"

Generate a new password for the admin user

$ juju config znc admin_password='my_super@secret@password'

Access webadmin

Once an admin user and password is defined you can use the webadmin page to add your users and networks.

The default port for the admin is 8888 but can be changed with:

juju config znc port=9000


This charm uses Rake (a make like utility) for defining hooks and can be seen in the Rakefile. It also uses a simple library Charmkit for providing some additional helper methods such as templating.

To learn more visit Charmkit.



The tests cover installation and verification that ZNC is installed and running correctly. It'll also excercise the various juju config options.

Ways to run the tests

Use bundletester
sudo bundletester -F -t cs:~adam-stokes/znc -l DEBUG -v -r json -o /tmp/results.json
Run tests via Ruby bundler
bundle install --local --with development
bundle exec rake znc:test

A few package dependencies may be required for testing locally, have a look in tests/tests.yaml for those package names.


Adam Stokes adam.stokes@ubuntu.com


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