• By Weii Wang
Channel Version Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 5 5 22 Apr 2022
Ubuntu 20.04
latest/edge 6 6 21 Jul 2022
Ubuntu 20.04
juju deploy wordpress-k8s
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  • additional_hostnames | string

    Space separated list of aditional hostnames for the site.

  • blog_hostname | string

    Default: myblog.example.com

    Blog hostname

  • container_config | string

    YAML formatted map of container config keys & values. These are generally accessed from inside the image as environment variables. Use to configure customized WordPress images. This configuration gets logged; use container_secrets for secrets.

  • container_secrets | string

    YAML formatted map of secrets. Works just like container_config, except that values should not be logged.

  • db_host | string

    MySQL database host

  • db_name | string

    Default: wordpress

    MySQL database name

  • db_password | string

    Default: wordpress

    MySQL database user's password

  • db_user | string

    Default: wordpress

    MySQL database user

  • image | string

    Default: wordpresscharmers/wordpress:v5.9.3-20.04_edge

    The docker image to install. Required.

  • image_pass | string

    Password to use for the configured image registry, if required

  • image_user | string

    Username to use for the configured image registry, if required

  • initial_settings | string

    Default: user_name: admin admin_email: devnull@example.com

    YAML formatted WordPress configuration. It is used only during initial deployment. Changing it at later stage has no effect. If set to non empty string required keys are: user_name: admin_username admin_email: name@example.com Optionally you can also provide weblog_title: Blog title # empty by default admin_password: <secret> # autogenerated if not set blog_public: False # by default blogs are public If admin_password is not provided it will be automatically generated and stored on the operator pod in the /root directory.

  • ports | string

    Default: http:80

    Ports to expose, space separated list in name:8000 format. Names are alphanumeric + hyphen. e.g. "http:80 metrics:7127"

  • tls_secret_name | string

    The Kubernetes TLS secret resource name.

  • use_nginx_ingress_modsec | boolean

    Default: True

    When set to true, the charm will configure the k8s ingress with modsec enabled.

  • wp_plugin_akismet_key | string

    Akismet key. If empty, akismet will not be automatically enabled

  • wp_plugin_openid_team_map | string

    Launchpad teams and corresponding access levels, for use with the openid plugins. Valid WordPress access levels are: administrator, editor, author, contributor, subscriber If empty, OpenID will not be enabled. Format is key=value pairs (where key is the Launchpad team, and value is the WordPress role) - commas separate multiple pairs. Example format: "site-sysadmins=administrator,site-editors=editor,site-executives=editor"

  • wp_plugin_openstack-objectstorage_config | string

    YAML dictionary with keys named after WordPress settings and the desired values. Please note that the settings will be reset to values provided every time hooks run.