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juju deploy ubuntu-devenv

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This layered charm provides the same functionality as the 'ubuntu' charm with revision control tools preinstalled, as well as relations to other developer-oriented charms. It is useful as both a development environment and an endpoint for testing charms like 'openjdk', 'ibm-xlc', and various databases.

Source for this charm is available on github.


Use Case 1

An example use case for this charm is to test Java JRE or Java SDK providers. This charm supports the java interface and serves as a simple principal charm that can be used to relate to a java subordinate. Deploy as follows:

juju deploy ubuntu-devenv
juju deploy openjdk
juju add-relation ubuntu-devenv openjdk

Use Case 2

Another use case is to test database charms. This charm supports the db2, mysql, and pgsql interfaces. Once related, connection information will be logged to the debug log. Deploy as follows:

juju deploy ubuntu-devenv
juju deploy mariadb
juju add-relation ubuntu-devenv mariadb


Verify you see relation data (java version, database connection information, etc) in the debug log:

juju debug-log -i unit-ubuntu-devenv-0 --replay


This charm does not currently have any config options, nor does it scale. This may change if other relations are added that would benefit from such functionality.

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