Thruk Agent

juju deploy thruk-agent

18.04 LTS 16.04 LTS 14.04 LTS

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This charm is intended to enable a Thruk( web interface to a Nagios unit. Essentially, it enables the Nagios unit to be consolidated into a Thruk view using a thruk-master charm. You can use the local thruk directly, but it is not the intended use of the charm.


juju deploy nagios
juju deploy thruk-agent
juju deploy thruk-master
juju add-relation nagios thruk-agent
juju add-relation thruk-master thruk-agent

You should be able to go to http:///thruk/ and see the webui.


There are a handful of config options

  • source - the PPA to install Thruk from

  • nagios_context - the identifying string for this nagios instance

  • livestatus_path - the path to the livestatus socket

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