Tempest K8S

  • By OpenStack Charmers
Channel Revision Published Runs on
2024.1/beta 37 07 Jun 2024
Ubuntu 22.04
2024.1/edge 38 Today
Ubuntu 22.04
2023.2/candidate 23 09 Apr 2024
Ubuntu 22.04
2023.2/beta 23 09 Apr 2024
Ubuntu 22.04
2023.2/edge 30 06 May 2024
Ubuntu 22.04
juju deploy tempest-k8s --channel 2023.2/candidate
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  • get-lists

    List existing test lists, to be used with validate action.

  • validate

    Run a set of tempest tests.

    Tests can be filtered using parameters: regex, exclude-regex, and test-list. These parameters are optional; if none are given, all tests will run.

    Provided parameters narrow down the tests that will run. For example, regex="one two" exclude-regex=three test-list=list1, will run tests that are:

    • found in test list "list1"
    • AND match regex "one" or "two"
    • AND don't match regex "three"

    A summary of the results will be printed. The complete results may be large, and will be written to /var/lib/tempest/workspace/tempest-validation.log in the workload container. This can be copied to your local machine using juju, for example: juju scp --container tempest tempest/0:/var/lib/tempest/workspace/tempest-validation.log tempest-validation.log

    • exclude-regex string

      A single regex to exclude tests. Any test that matches this regex will be excluded from the final list.

    • regex string

      A list of regexes, whitespace separated, used to select tests from the list. Tests matching any of the regexes will be selected.

      If no value provided (the default), all tests will be selected.

      To run the equivalent of tempest smoke tests (tempest run --smoke), use regex=smoke.

    • serial boolean

      Run tests serially. By default, tests run in parallel.

    • test-list string

      Use a predefined test list. See get-lists for available test lists.