Snappass Test

  • By Ben Hoyt
Channel Version Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 9 9 21 Apr 2021
Ubuntu 20.04
latest/edge 9 9 21 Apr 2021
Ubuntu 20.04
juju deploy snappass-test
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This is a test charm for Pinterest's SnapPass that uses the Python Operator Framework and K8s sidecar containers with Pebble.


Before deploying the charm, make sure you have a MicroK8s environment bootstrapped, and add a model:

$ juju bootstrap microk8s
Creating Juju controller "microk8s-localhost" on microk8s/localhost
$ juju add-model snappass
Added 'snappass' model on microk8s/localhost with credential 'microk8s' for user 'admin'

You can now deploy the charm directly from Charmhub (you must be using Juju 2.9-rc11 or later):

$ juju deploy snappass-test
Located charm "snappass-test" in charm-hub, revision 9
Deploying "snappass-test" from charm-hub charm "snappass-test", revision 9 in channel stable

After a while juju status should say something like this and (after a few seconds) give you an IP address:

$ juju status
Model     Controller          Cloud/Region        Version   SLA          Timestamp
snappass  microk8s-localhost  microk8s/localhost  2.9-rc12  unsupported  12:07:29+12:00

App            Version  Status  Scale  Charm          Store     Channel  Rev  OS          Address  Message
snappass-test           active      1  snappass-test  charmhub  stable     8  kubernetes           snappass started

Unit              Workload  Agent  Address      Ports  Message
snappass-test/0*  active    idle         snappass started

Visit that IP address at port 5000 in your browser and you should see the SnapPass web UI. For example,

Building and uploading this charm

I've already uploaded this charm to Charmhub, so you shouldn't need to do this. But for reference, here are the charmcraft commands I used to build and upload (with charmcraft latest/edge: 0.10.0 2021-04-20):

$ charmcraft build
Created 'snappass-test.charm'.
$ charmcraft upload snappass-test.charm
Revision 8 of 'snappass-test' created
$ charmcraft upload-resource --image benhoyt/snappass-test snappass-test snappass-image
Revision 3 created of resource 'snappass-image' for charm 'snappass-test'
$ charmcraft upload-resource --image redis snappass-test redis-image
Revision 3 created of resource 'redis-image' for charm 'snappass-test'
$ charmcraft release snappass-test --revision=8 --resource=snappass-image:3 --resource=redis-image:3 --channel=edge --channel=stable
Revision 8 of charm 'snappass-test' released to edge, stable (attaching resources: 'snappass-image' r3, 'redis-image' r3)