juju deploy prometheus2
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You will need Juju 2.9 to be able to run this command. Learn how to upgrade to Juju 2.9.
Channel Version Revision Published Base
latest/stable 25 25 13 Oct 2021
20.04 18.04 16.04
latest/candidate 25 25 11 Oct 2021
20.04 18.04 16.04


20.04 18.04 16.04


Monitoring system and timeseries database. v2.0 and later only Read more

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Juju prometheus2 charm

This charm provides the Prometheus monitoring system from

It supports version 2.0 and later. If you want to deploy prometheus 1.x please use cs:prometheus charm.

Optionally the charm will install the Prometheus Registration daemon alongside Prometheus to aid in the registration of targets.

The charm can be related to the following charms to extend functionality:

  • grafana
  • prometheus-alertmanager
  • prometheus-pushgateway
  • prometheus-snmp-exporter
  • prometheus-blackbox-exporter
  • telegraf
  • mtail


The charm is designed to work out of the box without need to set any configuration options. Please refer to config.yaml for detailed help on support settings. Below is a list of the most common options:

  • daemon-args - add extra CLI arguments, for example --storage.tsdb.retention=21d
  • scrape-jobs - allows for custom scrape jobs to be configured
  • snap_proxy - web proxy address to use when accessing the snap store
  • external_url
  • scrape-interval
  • evaluation-interval
  • remote-read/remote-write - configure read/write to remote datastore endpoints

Juju storage support

The charm supports juju storage (requires juju 1.25 or later). For example to deploy with local filesystem run:

juju deploy local:trusty/prometheus2 --storage metrics-filesystem=rootfs prometheus2

Juju resources support

The charm support juju resources, which is handy in offline deployments. Prefetch the snaps:

snap download --channel=stable core
snap download --channel=2/stable prometheus

Provide downloaded snaps as resources to the application:

juju deploy cs:prometheus2 --resource core=core_6818.snap --resource prometheus=prometheus_20.snap