Prometheus Scrape Config (K8s)

  • By Michele Mancioppi
juju deploy prometheus-scrape-config-k8s --channel edge
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You will need Juju 2.9 to be able to run this command. Learn how to upgrade to Juju 2.9.
Channel Version Revision Published Base
latest/edge 4 4 27 Sep 2021



A set of Prometheus scrape configuration options Read more

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Prometheus Scrape Config Operator

The Prometheus scrape config operator enables you to apply a set of configurations to the scrape jobs provided by its upstream charms, and forward the modified scrape jobs downstream to one or more consumers that will actually perform the scraping.

Usage Example

$ juju deploy prometheus-k8s      # Deploys Prometheus
$ juju deploy cassandra-k8s       # Deploys Cassandra

# Deploys the prometheus-scrape-configuration, specifying a custom scrape interval valid only for the
# scrape job forwarded to prometheus-k8s through its relation with this charm
$ juju deploy prometheus-scrape-configuration-k8s scrape-interval-config --config scrape-interval=20s  

# Link cassandra as scrape target, so that Cassandra’s address is used as a
# static_configs in the scrape job
$ juju relate cassandra-k8s scrape-interval-config  
$ juju relate scrape-interval-config prometheus-k8s


  • A configurable-scrape-jobs relation with any Charm that uses the MetricsEndpointProvider to implement the prometheus_scrape interface.
  • A metrics-endpoint relation with one or more Charms that implement the MetricsEndpointConsumer, such as the Prometheus charm.

OCI Images

This charm does not need an actual workload: it simply adjusts and forwards relation data. However, Juju does need at least one workload container, which is why this charm declares an effectively unused container with a base Ubuntu LTS 20.04 image.


Please see the Juju SDK docs for guidelines on enhancements to this charm following best practice guidelines, and for developer guidance.