Prometheus Ceph Exporter

Channel Version Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 14 14 26 Jul 2021
Ubuntu 20.04 Ubuntu 18.04 Ubuntu 16.04 Ubuntu 14.04
latest/candidate 15 15 11 Oct 2021
Ubuntu 20.04 Ubuntu 18.04 Ubuntu 16.04 Ubuntu 14.04
juju deploy prometheus-ceph-exporter
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You will need Juju 2.9 to be able to run this command. Learn how to upgrade to Juju 2.9.


20.04 18.04 16.04 14.04


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Juju prometheus Ceph exporter charm

This charm provides the Prometheus Ceph exporter, part of the Prometheus monitoring system

Introduction and Preparation

The charm implements ceph-exporter functionality for Prometheus, it consumes the prometheus-ceph-exporter snap package, Charm needs to be deployed where Ceph is running, a special read-only account ("exporter") will be created by the charm. Since the snap is confined to his own filesystem, ceph config file and "exporter" keyring will be created in ($SNAP_DATA) :


How to Deploy the charm:

juju deploy cs:prometheus-ceph-exporter
juju add-relation prometheus-ceph-exporter ceph-mon:client

To change the port, refer to the daemon_arguments provided by the snap package at: /var/snap/prometheus-ceph-exporter/current/daemon_arguments

Juju resources

The charm supports juju resources, which can be handy in offline deployments. Prefetch the snaps:

snap download core
snap download prometheus-ceph-exporter

Provide the snaps as resources to the application:

juju deploy cs:prometheus-ceph-exporter \
--resource prometheus-ceph-exporter=prometheus-ceph-exporter_20.snap \
--resource core=core_7917.snap


This charm implements testing which can be run to deploy and verify the charm. With an available environment run the tests with the command:

make test

Unit testing has been stubbed out but does not include comprehensive tests at this time. When available unit tests can be run with:

make unit

Unit tests do not deploy the charm and do not require building prior to running the test suite.

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