Pacemaker Remote

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juju deploy cs:pacemaker-remote
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Channel Version Platform
latest/stable 3
20.10 20.04 LTS 19.10 18.04 LTS


20.10 20.04 LTS 19.10 18.04 LTS


Deploys a pacemaker remote service Read more

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Apache 2.0 License

This is the base layer for all reactive Charms. It provides all of the standard Juju hooks and starts the reactive framework when these hooks get executed. It also bootstraps the charm-helpers and charms.reactive libraries, and all of their dependencies for use by the Charm.


Go read the layer-basic documentation for more info on how to use this layer. It is now hosted together with the charms.reactive documentation in order to reduce the amount of places a charmer needs to search for info.