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latest/stable 7 7 08 Apr 2021
Ubuntu 20.04
juju deploy openldap-charmers-openldap
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OpenLDAP Operator


This charm provides an OpenLDAP server using the SQL backend.


For details on using Kubernetes with Juju see here, and for details on using Juju with MicroK8s for easy local testing see here.

To deploy this charm with both OpenLDAP and PostgreSQL inside a k8s model, run:

juju deploy cs:~openldap-charmers/openldap
juju deploy cs:~postgresql-charmers/postgresql-k8s postgresql
juju add-relation openldap:db postgresql:db

To retrieve the auto-generated LDAP admin password, run, assuming you're using Juju 2.x:

juju run-action openldap/0 --wait get-admin-password

For further details, see here.