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latest/stable 2 2 11 Nov 2020
Ubuntu 14.04
latest/edge 2 2 11 Nov 2020
Ubuntu 14.04
juju deploy nuage-vrsg
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Nuage VRS-Gateway


The principle use of this charm is provide gateway service between the physical/external and virtualized networking environments. This permits the bridging of the hypervisor-focused overlay networking and physical devices in the data center.

NOTE: this charm relies on binaries that are distributed to customers of Nuage Networks VSP solution.


The VRS-G repositories are provided as an URL (ppa/http) by Nuage Networks to customers to download and deploy using Juju deployer.. The charm expects to find deb's; if they are missing the install hook will error out.

To deploy: juju deploy nuage-vrsg

juju add-relation nuage-vrsg nuage-vsc
    - This relation is mainly for getting Nuage-VSC IP address, which is being updated on openvswitch file. This relation is Must.

juju add-relation nuage-vrsg vsd-rest-api
    - This relation is for connecting to Nuage-VSD and perform rest-calls to create some Nuage-VRSG regarding templates on VSD. This relation is Optional.

Below Configuration are must for Nuage-VRSG deployment: ============= access-port:

description: |
  The access port to use for routing of tenant
  traffic to the external public network(ex: eth0)
  This configuration is need only when you want to use gateway functionality. Here you provide what interface /port
  of VRSG machine which will be used as access side for Outside Network.
  For gateway functionality you have to give access-port.
  You must give this configuration as your deployment will fail is this parameter is not provided.
  Imp Note: Make sure your access-port interface is up but should not have any IP address.

vrs-repository-url: description: Nuage VRS repository containing Debian packages.This is must for installing vrs-packages Note : You must give this configuration as your deployment will fail is this parameter is not provided. This will have all the vrs-packages as debians.

Below configuration is needed only when Nuage-VSC jis deployed outside juju env.

vsc-controller-active: description: Active VRS controller to use. This is mainly used when your Nuage-VSC is not deployed via JUJU, then you can mention your Active VSC IP. When Nuage-VSC is being deployed via juju charm and then configuration is optional as vsc-controller-active ip is being retrieved form relation-get and it will override this vsc-controller-active config value.

Below configurations are only needed when you cannot use pip.

vsdk-packages: vsdk-repository-url: This tar.gz contains: bambou vspk and request packages that it will install pip-packages: