Neutron Api Plumgrid

juju deploy neutron-api-plumgrid

14.04 LTS

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About the PLUMgrid Platform

The PLUMgrid Platform is a software-only solution that provides a rich set of distributed network functions such as routers, switches, NAT, IPAM, DHCP, and it also supports security policies, end-to-end encryption, and third party Layer 4-7 service insertion.


This charm enables PLUMgrid Neutron plugin in an OpenStack environment.

Once deployed, the charm enables the necessary actions in the neutron-server container that allows the PLUMgrid plugin to take over networking for the OpenStack environment.

It is a subordinate charm to neutron-api charm.


Instructions on using the charm:

juju deploy neutron-api
juju deploy neutron-api-plumgrid
juju add-relation neutron-api neutron-api-plumgrid

To enable PLUMgrid in neutron make the configuration in the neutron-api charm as specified in the configuration section below.

Known Limitations and Issues

The charm currently only supports Kilo Openstack Release.


Example Config

    install_sources: 'ppa:plumgrid-team/stable'
    install_keys: 'null'
    enable-metadata: False
    neutron-plugin: "plumgrid"
    plumgrid-virtual-ip: ""

Provide the source repo path for PLUMgrid Debs in 'install_sources' and the corresponding keys in 'install_keys' The "neutron-plugin" config parameter is required to be "plumgrid" in the neutron-api charm to enable PLUMgrid. Also the virtual IP on which PLUMgrid Console is going to be accessible should be specified in the "plumgrid-virtual-ip" config parameter.

Contact Information

Bilal Baqar