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juju deploy cs:manila-ganesha
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Manila-Ganesha allows binding Manila to CephFS via Ganesha Read more

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Manila Ganesha

This charm provides Ganesha with CephFS as a storage backend for Manila, OpenStack's shared filesystem service.


Manila (charm 'manila') and this 'manila-ganesha' charm rely on services provided by the following charms: 'percona-cluster' (MySQL), 'rabbitmq-server', and 'keystone'. A charmed CephFS solution is also needed for the backend: 'ceph-fs' ('ceph-mon' is typically already included with OpenStack). High availability is a separate topic.


This charm can optionally dedicate a provider's physical network to serving Ganesha NFS shares. It does so through its support for Juju spaces. The charm uses a space called 'tenant-storage'.


One way to deploy Manila Ganesha is to use a bundle overlay when deploying OpenStack via a bundle:

juju deploy ./base.yaml --overlay ./manila-ganesha-overlay.yaml

See appendix Manila Ganesha: Ceph-backed Shared Filesystem Service in the OpenStack Charms Deployment Guide to see what such an overlay may look like as well as for more general information on using Manila Ganesha with charmed OpenStack.

High Availability

This charm supports active/passive HA when deployed in a cluster with the hacluster charm. This is done by co-locating manila-share and nfs-ganesha systemd services on the same unit, and ensuring that those services are running only on the master unit with the VIP. Once an HA deployment is complete, pacemaker will ensure that only one unit is running the services.

If a second unit starts the services while the first is connected to CephFS, the first will be evicted and its session state corrupted.

Any restarts of manila-ganesha services that aren't controlled by the charm or pacemaker can result in evicted sessions.


Please report bugs on Launchpad.

For general charm questions refer to the OpenStack Charm Guide.