Mailman3 Core

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latest/stable 36f3623-dirty 4 27 Jul 2022
Ubuntu 21.10 Ubuntu 20.04 Ubuntu 18.04
juju deploy mailman3-core
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21.10 20.04 18.04


This charm deploys and manages the "Mailman Core" component of mailman3. "Mailman Core" or "Core" is the main engine that is responsible for handling emails. It does all the tasks of managing users, subscriptions, mailing lists, email addresses, talking to the MTA etc. However, the things that it doesn't manage include user authorization & user authentication.

However, users can manage their settings using email based commands which includes subscribing, unsubscribing, changing a few basic settings for their accounts etc.

Most functionalities in Core can be accessed using an administrative REST API which provides full control over the Core. Core expects the clients that consume this API would take up the responsibility of authenticating and authorizing users and provide interfaces for them to manage their settings and subscriptions.