juju deploy lxd

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LXD is a hypervisor for managing Linux Containers; it provides a simple RESTful API for creation and management of containers. This charm is currently specific to LXD's use with nova-lxd, but that's only by usage, rather than specific design.

Usage with nova-compute and nova-lxd

While the lxd charm can be used with any charm to enable use of LXD, its primary use is with the nova-compute Openstack charm, for provisioning LXD based OpenStack Nova instances.

For example:

juju deploy nova-compute
juju config nova-compute virt-type=lxd
juju deploy lxd
juju config lxd block-devices=/dev/sdb storage-type=lvm
juju add-relation lxd nova-compute

The caveat is that nova-compute is part of a greater ecosystem of many OpenStack service charms. For a full OpenStack Mitaka deployment using LXD, please refer to the OpenStack LXD bundle.

At this time, nova-lxd is only supported on Ubuntu 16.04 or above, with OpenStack Mitaka (provided as part of Ubuntu 16.04).

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