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juju deploy lldpd
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You will need Juju 2.9 to be able to run this command. Learn how to upgrade to Juju 2.9.


14.04 16.04 18.04 20.04 20.10 21.04


implementation of IEEE 802.1ab (LLDP) Read more

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Purpose of this charm is to install and configure LLDP daemon (lldpd). LLDP is used by network administrators to detect how machines are connected to switches and routers.


Start by installing the lldpd charm and relating it to another application:

juju deploy lldpd

juju add-relation lldpd application-on-physical-machine

Being a subordinate charm it needs to be related to an application running on physical machine. It doesn't make much sense to install LLDP on a VM or LXD container, because Linux bridge will terminate LLDP traffic.

Scale out Usage

By scaling your application, subordinate charm will get installed automatically.

Known Limitations and Issues

LLDP is not very useful on containers and virtual machines and therefore it's use on those is not recommended.


By default LLDPd will listen on all interfaces and pick, more or less, a random systemid. Two given configuration options allow user to specify which interfaces will be used to broadcast LLDP data and which will be used for systemid.

One additional option, i40e-lldp-stop, is included because some Intel NICs block user-space LLDP generated data and instead broadcast their own. By setting this option to True (default), NIC's built-in LLDP daemon will be disabled, if such a NIC has been discovered on the system.