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Channel Version Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 1619 1619 13 May 2022
latest/candidate 1417 1417 26 Oct 2021
latest/beta 1606 1606 06 May 2022
latest/edge 1687 1687 Today
1.24/stable 1620 1620 13 May 2022
1.24/beta 1605 1605 06 May 2022
1.24/edge 1688 1688 Today
1.23/edge 1542 1542 16 Mar 2022
juju deploy kubernetes-core
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Kubernetes Core Bundle


This is a minimal Kubernetes cluster composed of the following components and features:

  • Kubernetes (automated deployment, operations, and scaling)
    • Kubernetes cluster with one control-plane node and one worker node.
    • TLS used for communication between nodes for security.
    • CNI plugin (Calico)
    • Optional Ingress Controller (on worker)
    • Optional Metrics and Dashboard addons (on control-plane)
  • EasyRSA
    • Performs the role of a certificate authority serving self-signed certificates to the requesting units of the cluster.
  • Etcd (distributed key value store)
    • One node for basic functionality.

This bundle is suitable for development and testing purposes. For a more robust, scaled-out cluster, deploy the charmed-kubernetes bundle.

For detailed installation and usage, please see the Charmed Kubernetes documentation.


Calico is used as a CNI plugin to manage networking for the Kubernetes cluster.


ipip: Enable IP tunneling. string, default Never

nat-outgoing: NAT outgoing traffic. boolean, default true

vxlan: VXLAN encapsulation mode. string, default Always