Kubernetes Worker

  • By Canonical Kubernetes
Channel Revision Published Runs on
latest/edge 72 15 Jul 2024
Ubuntu 24.04 Ubuntu 22.04 Ubuntu 20.04
1.30/beta 65 23 May 2024
Ubuntu 24.04 Ubuntu 22.04 Ubuntu 20.04
juju deploy k8s-worker --channel edge
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24.04 22.04 20.04

Canonical Kubernetes Worker

The Canonical K8s-Worker machine charm is a performant, lightweight, secure and opinionated distribution of Kubernetes which includes all the components needed to create and manage a scalable worker node of a cluster suitable for all use cases.

This charm automates the deployment and operation of a kubernetes worker node on any machine-type cloud.

As a result, it makes managing cloud operations for Kubernetes easier than ever before. To deploy, run:

juju deploy k8s
juju deploy k8s-worker
juju relate k8s k8s-worker:cluster 

:information_source: This charm is more fully documented as part of the Canonical Kubernetes documentation, where you will find explanations, how-tos and other reference material. If you are new to Canonical Kubernetes, you might like to try this tutorial.

Project and community

K8s is a member of the Ubuntu family. It’s an open source project that warmly welcomes community projects, contributions, suggestions, fixes and constructive feedback.

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