Juniper Os Software Contrail Analyticsdb

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latest/stable 27 27 10 Jan 2022
Ubuntu 20.04 Ubuntu 18.04 Ubuntu 16.04
juju deploy juniper-os-software-contrail-analyticsdb
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20.04 18.04 16.04


OpenContrail ( is a fully featured Software Defined Networking (SDN) solution for private clouds. It supports high performance isolated tenant networks without requiring external hardware support. It provides a Neutron plugin to integrate with OpenStack.

This charm provides the analytics DB node component which includes cassandra, kafka and zookeeper services.

Only OpenStack Ocata or newer is supported. Only for Contrail 5.0 or above. Juju 2.0 is required.


Contrail Controller is prerequisite service to deploy. Once ready, deploy and relate as follows:

juju deploy contrail-analyticsdb
juju add-relation contrail-analyticsdb contrail-controller


The charm requires docker image with Contrail Analytics DB as a resource. It can be provided as usual for Juju 2.0 in deploy command or through attach-resource:

juju attach contrail-analyticsdb contrail-analyticsdb="$PATH_TO_IMAGE"

External Docker repository

Istead of attaching resource with docker image charm can accept image from remote docker repository. docker-registry should be specified if the registry is only accessible via http protocol (insecure registry). docker-user / docker-password can be specified if registry requires authentification. And image-name / image-tag are the parameters for the image itself.


This charm supports relation to easyrsa charm to obtain certificates for XMPP and Sandesh connections:

juju add-relation contrail-analyticsdb easyrsa

Please note that in this case all charms must be related to easyrsa. Components require CA certificate for communication.