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Juju model linter with configurable policy. Read more

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Juju Lint - a Juju model linter with configurable policy.

This charm deploys Juju Lint, along with a script to automate its execution, auto_lint.py. In addition, a crontab is deployed to run auto_lint.py, as well as a Nagios check which analyses Juju Lint output and alerts on errors.


Deploy this charm with:

juju deploy charm-juju-lint juju-lint

The following model connection config values must be set to allow libjuju to retrieve Juju status output. It is HIGHLY recommended that a new user be created and "read" granted to that user on the model defined:

  • controller-endpoint - A controller API endpoint (syntax: "\<hostname>:\<port>")
  • controller-username - A controller user's username
  • controller-password - The respective controller user's password
  • controller-cacert - The controller CA certificate
  • model-uuid - The model UUID

When setting controller-cacert, the following command sytax is recommended:

juju config juju-lint controller-cacert='
<certificate body>

The following Juju Lint options are available:

  • lint-config - Juju Lint rules file path
  • lint-override - Hash separated subordinate rule overrides (syntax: "\<name>:\<location>#\<name>:\<location>")
  • lint-loglevel - Logging level, either "CRITICAL", "ERROR", "WARNING", "INFO", "DEBUG", or "NOTSET"
  • lint-logfile - Log file path
  • lint-frequency - Specifies how often Juju Lint is run, in minutes

Juju Lint (upstream)