Channel Version Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 58 58 03 Dec 2021
latest/candidate 60 60 03 Dec 2021
latest/beta 65 65 03 Dec 2021
latest/edge 63 63 03 Dec 2021
1.11/stable 62 62 03 Dec 2021
1.11/candidate 64 64 03 Dec 2021
1.11/beta 61 61 03 Dec 2021
1.11/edge 59 59 03 Dec 2021
juju deploy istio
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Charmed Istio

The Istio service mesh is a dedicated infrastructure layer that you can add to your applications. It allows you to transparently add capabilities like observability, traffic management, and security, without adding them to your own code. For more details of what is possible with Istio, see

This bundle

This Juju charm bundle incorporates both

Example Deployment

Deploy example bookinfo microservice application on microk8s:

sudo snap install microk8s --classic
microk8s.enable dns storage metallb: rbac
microk8s.kubectl label namespace default istio-injection=enabled
sleep 10
juju bootstrap microk8s uk8s
juju add-model istio-system microk8s
juju deploy cs:~kubeflow-charmers/bundle/istio --channel edge
sleep 30
microk8s.kubectl patch role -n istio-system istio-ingressgateway-operator -p '{"apiVersion":"","kind":"Role","metadata":{"name":"istio-ingressgateway-operator"},"rules":[{"apiGroups":["*"],"resources":["*"],"verbs":["*"]}]}'
microk8s.kubectl apply -f
microk8s.kubectl apply -f
microk8s.kubectl wait --for=condition=ready pod --all --timeout=-1s

Congratulations, now curl