HTTPRequest Lego provider

  • By Canonical IS DevOps
Channel Revision Published Runs on
latest/edge 24 11 Apr 2024
Ubuntu 22.04
juju deploy httprequest-lego-provider --channel edge
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HTTPRequest Lego provider.

A [Juju]( [charm]( deploying and managing [HTTP request Lego provider]( on Kubernetes. HTTP request Lego provider is a web application implementing the [DNS HTTP request provider as defined by ACME]( to manage DNS records. This charm simplifies initial deployment and "day N" operations of the HTTP request Lego provider on Kubernetes, enabling the automation of DNS management. It allows for deployment on many different Kubernetes platforms, from [MicroK8s]( to [Charmed Kubernetes]( and public cloud Kubernetes offerings. As such, the charm makes it easy for those looking to host their own ACME provider, and gives them the freedom to deploy on the Kubernetes platform of their choice. For DevOps or SRE teams this charm will make operating HTTP request Lego provider simple and straightforward through Juju's clean interface. It will allow easy deployment into multiple environments for testing of changes, and supports scaling out for enterprise deployments.