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juju deploy flannel-docker
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You will need Juju 2.9 to be able to run this command. Learn how to upgrade to Juju 2.9.
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Flannel (Docker Flavored)

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About Flannel

Flannel (originally rudder) is an overlay network that gives a subnet to each machine for use with containers.

One of the common issues when using containers in clouds is the inability to do cross host communication between the containers as they default to using a local bridge.

flannel uses the Universal TUN/TAP device and creates an overlay network using UDP to encapsulate IP packets. The subnet allocation is done with the help of etcd which maintains the overlay subnet to host mappings.

This charm uses flannel to setup an overlay network and configures docker containers on that host to use the overlay.

NOTE! For up to date, and complete documentation - please see the Charm Documentation Site.

Charm Usage

Flannel-docker is a subordinate charm, and is designed to be be deployed into the scope of a docker host, configuring its networking bridge (docker0) to use the TUN/TAP overlay network so docker containers can communicate cross-host. This facilitates in HA and colocated networking deployment.


Start by deploying ETCD to your bootstrap node (this is for cost reduction, its not uncommon for multiple etcd hosts to reside as a cluster for HA scenarios. This particular deployment is non-HA)

Deploy the docker charm, and flannel-docker. Then relate docker to flannel-docker, and flannel-docker to etcd. The networking magic will reconfigure the network as a mesh overlay.

juju deploy cs:~kubernetes/trusty/etcd --to 0
juju deploy trusty/docker
juju deploy trusty/flannel-docker
juju add-relation flannel-docker:docker-host docker:juju-info
juju add-relation flannel-docker:db etcd:client
juju add-relation flannel-docker:network docker:network

Known Limitations

This charm does not currently work with the Juju local provider. The combination of apparmor and LXC prevent the flannel function from working. Deploy this charm to a cloud environment.

The included binary files are amd64 only. The flannel code is compiled and will not run on architectures other than amd64 (x86_64). Use the constraints flag with the juju command to specify the proper architecture from your cloud environment.

Contact information

The Flannel-Docker subordinate is heavily based on the Flannel charm produced by Kapil Thangavelu

  • Maintainer: Charles Butler <charles.butler@ubuntu.com>

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