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juju deploy cloudcasa
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CloudCasa is a powerful and easy-to-use backup service for protecting Kubernetes, cloud databases, and cloud native applications. As a SaaS solution, CloudCasa eliminates the complexity of managing traditional backup infrastructure, while providing the same level of applications-consistent data protection and disaster recovery capabilities that more traditional backup solutions provide for server-based applications. CloudCasa’s rich feature set also simplifies disaster recovery and data migration. Finally, CloudCasa helps you take cyber resilience to the next level by providing vulnerability scanning alongside traditional data protection services.

A free service plan is available that allows user to protect an unlimited number of Kubernetes clusters and worker nodes using local snapshots.

This repository contains a Charm Operator for deploying CloudCasa agent in a Charmed Kubernetes cluster.


  1. CloudCasa requires Kubernetes 1.17 or higher.
  2. This CloudCasa charm requires juju 2.8.0 and newer.

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