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Channel Version Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 0 0 25 Oct 2021
Ubuntu 21.10 Ubuntu 21.04 Ubuntu 20.10 Ubuntu 20.04 Ubuntu 18.04
latest/edge 194e831 23 12 Apr 2022
Ubuntu 22.04 Ubuntu 20.04
yoga/stable 66abfb7 28 05 Aug 2022
Ubuntu 22.04 Ubuntu 20.04
xena/stable f597735 27 05 Aug 2022
Ubuntu 20.04
wallaby/edge d97649f 15 25 Feb 2022
Ubuntu 20.04
victoria/edge d97649f 15 25 Feb 2022
Ubuntu 20.04
ussuri/edge 0 0 04 Mar 2022
Ubuntu 21.10 Ubuntu 21.04 Ubuntu 20.10 Ubuntu 20.04 Ubuntu 18.04
train/edge d97649f 16 25 Feb 2022
Ubuntu 20.04
stein/edge d97649f 16 25 Feb 2022
Ubuntu 20.04
rocky/edge d97649f 16 25 Feb 2022
Ubuntu 20.04
queens/edge d97649f 17 25 Feb 2022
Ubuntu 20.04
juju deploy cinder-netapp
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21.10 21.04 20.10 20.04 18.04


The cinder charm is the Openstack block storage (i.e: Volume) service, whereas the cinder-netapp charm works as a subordinate of cinder, implementing a backend based on NetApp.

Note: The cinder-netapp charm is supported starting with Openstack Queens.



This section covers common and/or important configuration options. See file config.yaml for the full list of options, along with their descriptions and default values. See the [Juju documentation][juju-docs-config-apps] for details on configuring applications.


The storage family type that is used for the storage system. Can be ontap_cluster for clustering data ONTAP, or eseries.


The SAN protocol to use. Can be either iscsi or NFS.


Specifies the virtual storage server name on the storage cluster.


The hostname or IP address for the storage server (can alternatively specify a proxy server).


The TCP port used to communicate with the storage server or proxy.

If it's not specified, it will be deduced: For ONTAP drivers, it will be 80 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS; for E-series, it will be 8080 and 8443, respectively.


The username used to access the storage server or proxy.


The password used to authenticate the login option.


Specifies a file that contains a list of NFS shares, each on its own line, to which the driver will attempt to provision Cinder volumes.


If the storage family is eseries, this option specifies a comma-separated list of controller hostnames or IP addresses to be used for provisioning.


The password for the NetApp E-series storage array.


Specifies a comma-separated list of pool names to use.


Whether to use multipath for image transfer.


Specifies whether the driver should allow operations that involve multiple attachments to a volume.


The service name to present to Cinder.


This charm's primary use is as a backend for the cinder charm. To do so, add a relation betweeen both charms:

juju add-relation cinder-netapp:storage-backend cinder:storage-backend


The OpenStack Charms project maintains two documentation guides:


Please report bugs on Launchpad.