Charmed Kubernetes

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Channel Version Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 1154 1154 04 Aug 2022
latest/candidate 1148 1148 02 Aug 2022
latest/beta 1006 1006 06 May 2022
latest/edge 1178 1178 Today
1.24/stable 1155 1155 04 Aug 2022
1.24/candidate 1149 1149 02 Aug 2022
1.24/beta 1005 1005 06 May 2022
1.24/edge 1179 1179 Today
1.23/edge 942 942 16 Mar 2022
juju deploy charmed-kubernetes
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Ca Co Ea Et Ku Ku Ku

Charmed Kubernetes


This is a scaled-out Kubernetes cluster composed of the following components and features:

  • Deep integration for public and private clouds, or bare metal
  • Uses standard upstream Kubernetes
  • Multiple Kubernetes control-plane and worker nodes
  • Extensive CNI options
  • Intra-node TLS by default
  • GPGPU support for high performance AI/ML
  • Managed option available

For a more minimal cluster suitable for testing, deploy the smaller kubernetes-core bundle.

For a lightweight upstream K8s, try MicroK8s!


For detailed instructions on how to deploy and manage Charmed Kubernetes, please visit the official Charmed Kubernetes docs.


Calico is used as a CNI plugin to manage networking for the Kubernetes cluster.


ipip: Enable IP tunneling. string, default Never

nat-outgoing: NAT outgoing traffic. boolean, default true

vxlan: VXLAN encapsulation mode. string, default Always