Canonical Kubernetes Canal

  • By Ubuntu Containers Team
juju deploy canonical-kubernetes-canal
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You will need Juju 2.9 to be able to run this command. Learn how to upgrade to Juju 2.9.
Channel Version Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 1233 1233 16 Dec 2021
latest/candidate 1185 1185 26 Oct 2021
latest/beta 1233 1233 15 Dec 2021
latest/edge 1266 1266 Yesterday


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The Charmed Distribution of Kubernetes


This is a scaled-out Kubernetes cluster composed of the following components and features:

  • Deep integration for public and private clouds, or bare metal
  • Uses standard upstream Kubernetes
  • Multiple Kubernetes master and worker nodes
  • Extensive CNI options
  • Intra-node TLS by default
  • GPGPU support for high performance AI/ML
  • Managed option available

For a more minimal cluster suitable for testing, deploy the smaller kubernetes-core bundle.

For a lightweight upstream K8s, try MicroK8s!


For detailed instructions on how to deploy and manage Charmed Kubernetes, please visit the official Charmed Kubernetes docs.


Note: this is still in an experimental state. Use at your own risk.

Canal (Calico + Flannel) is used as a CNI plugin to manage networking for the Kubernetes cluster.


iface The interface to configure the flannel SDN binding. If this value is empty string or undefined the code will attempt to find the default network adapter similar to the following command:

route | grep default | head -n 1 | awk {'print $8'}

cidr The network range to configure the flannel SDN to declare when establishing networking setup with etcd. Ensure this network range is not active on the vlan you're deploying to, as it will cause collisions and odd behavior if care is not taken when selecting a good CIDR range to assign to flannel.

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