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latest/stable 2 2 18 Mar 2021
Ubuntu 14.04
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Ubuntu 14.04
juju deploy bigdata-dev-hue
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Hue is an open-source Web interface that supports Apache Hadoop and its ecosystem

Hue aggregates the most common Apache Hadoop components into a single interface and targets the user experience. Its main goal is to have the users "just use" Hadoop without worrying about the underlying complexity or using a command line.


This charm leverages our pluggable Hadoop model with the hadoop-plugin interface. This means that you will need to deploy a base Apache Hadoop cluster to run Hue. You may manually deploy the recommended environment as follows:

juju deploy apache-hadoop-namenode namenode
juju deploy apache-hadoop-resourcemanager resourcemanager
juju deploy apache-hadoop-slave slave
juju deploy apache-hadoop-plugin plugin
juju deploy hue hue

juju add-relation resourcemanager namenode
juju add-relation slave resourcemanager
juju add-relation slave namenode
juju add-relation plugin resourcemanager
juju add-relation plugin namenode
juju add-relation plugin hue

At this point you will then need to expose hue:

juju expose hue

And then browse to the HUE_IP:HUE_PORT shown in 'juju status --format tabular'

The reason for this is that the first login to hue via the web interface creates the default admin user so we need to make sure you are the first person to log in.

The allowed Hadoop cluster operations should be available from the web interface. By default HDFS file browsing and Hadoop job browsing should be available. Additional features will be made available as you relate Hue to other charms, as described below.

Enabling Apache Hive features

Adding Apache Hive features to Hue is as simple as deploying the Hive charm and relating it to Hue. First, deploy Hive/MySQL:

juju deploy mysql
juju set mysql binlog-format=ROW
juju deploy apache-hive hive
juju add-relation plugin hive

Now, add a relation between Hive and Hue:

juju add-relation hue hive

Hue should restart, and you should be able to query Hive and browse the metasotre from the updated Hue UI.

Enabling Apache Zookeeper features

Hue interacts with Zookeeper through a REST API. Relate Hue to Zookeeper as follows:

juju deploy apache-zookeeper zookeeper
juju set zookeeper rest=true

Now, add a relation between Zookeeper and Hue:

juju add-relation hue zookeeper

Hue should restart, and you should be able to browse Zookeeper from the updated Hue UI.

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