Bcache Tuning

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juju deploy cs:bcache-tuning
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Helper charm for tuning of bcache block devices Read more

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This charm performs best-practice performance tuning of bcache devices on SD/NVMe based installations.

Cache Set Configuration

Disable performance based congestion behaviour - the SSD or NVMe will in all likelyhood always be faster than the underlying spindle:

congested_read_threshold_us: 0
congested_write_threshold_us: 0

Bcache Backing Device Configuration

Disable cache readahead:

readahead: 0

Disable writethrough of sequential data writes:

sequential_cutoff: 0

Set the amount of dirty data the cache device will hold before starting to persist to the backing device:

writeback_percent: 10

Sets unmanaged cache_mode:

cache_mode: unmanaged


To use this charm, simple deploy and relation to principle services:

juju deploy bcache-tuning
juju add-relation bcache-tuning ceph-osd
juju add-relation bcache-tuning nova-compute

This charm presents no configuration options.