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Channel Revision Published Runs on
latest/stable 21 14 Jan 2022
Ubuntu 20.04 CentOS 7
latest/candidate 47 17 Oct 2022
Ubuntu 20.04 CentOS 7
latest/edge 54 15 May 2023
Ubuntu 22.04 Ubuntu 20.04 CentOS 7
juju deploy slurmctld
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20.04 CentOS 7
  • acct-gather-custom | string

    User supplied `acct_gather.conf` configuration. This value supplements the charm supplied `acct_gather.conf` file that is used for configuring the acct_gather plugins.

  • acct-gather-frequency | string

    Default: task=30

    Accounting and profiling sampling intervals for the acct_gather plugins. Note: a value of `0` disables the periodic sampling. In this case, the accounting information is collected when the job terminates. Example usage: $ juju config slurmcltd acct-gather-frequency="task=30,network=30"

  • cgroup-config | string

    Default: CgroupAutomount=yes ConstrainCores=yes

    Configuration content for `cgroup.conf`.

  • cluster-name | string

    Default: osd-cluster

    Name to be recorded in database for jobs from this cluster. This is important if a single database is used to record information from multiple Slurm-managed clusters.

  • custom-config | string

    User supplied Slurm configuration. This value supplements the charm supplied `slurm.conf` that is used for Slurm Controller and Compute nodes. Example usage: $ juju config slurmcltd custom-config="FirstJobId=1234"

  • custom-slurm-repo | string

    Use a custom repository for Slurm installation. This can be set to the Organization's local mirror/cache of packages and supersedes the Omnivector repositories. Alternatively, it can be used to track a `testing` Slurm version, e.g. by setting to `ppa:omnivector/osd-testing` (on Ubuntu), or `$basearch` (on CentOS). Note: The configuration `custom-slurm-repo` must be set *before* deploying the units. Changing this value after deploying the units will not reinstall Slurm.

  • default-partition | string

    Default Slurm partition. This is only used if defined, and must match an existing partition.

  • health-check-interval | int

    Default: 600

    Interval in seconds between executions of the Health Check.

  • health-check-state | string

    Default: ANY,CYCLE

    Only run the Health Check on nodes in this state.

  • proctrack-type | string

    Default: proctrack/cgroup

    Identifies the plugin to be used for process tracking on a job step basis.