Prometheus K8S

  • By Balbir Thomas
juju deploy prometheus-k8s
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You will need Juju 2.9 to be able to run this command. Learn how to upgrade to Juju 2.9.
Channel Version Revision Published Base
latest/stable 1 1 03 May 2021
latest/edge 3 3 21 Jul 2021


  • evaluation-interval | string

    Default: 1m

    How frequently rules will be evaluated.

  • external-labels | string

    Default: {}

    A JSON string of key-value pairs that specify the labels to attach to metrics in this Prometheus instance when they get pulled by an aggregating parent. This is useful in the case of federation where, for example, you want each datacenter to have its own Prometheus instance and then have a global instance that pulls from each of these datacenter instances. By specifying a unique set of external-labels for each datacenter instance, you can easily determine in the aggregating Prometheus instance which datacenter a metric is coming from. Note that you are not limited to one instance per datacenter. The datacenter example here is arbitrary and you are free to organize your federation's hierarchy as you see fit. Ex. '{ "cluster": "datacenter1" }'. Both keys and values may be arbitrarily chosen as you see fit.

  • log-level | string

    Prometheus server log level (only log messages with the given severity or above). Must be one of: [debug, info, warn, error, fatal]. If not set, the Prometheus default one (info) will be used.

  • port | int

    Default: 9090

    The port prometheus will be listening on

  • prometheus-image-password | string

    The password associated with prometheus-image-username for accessing the registry specified in prometheus-image-path.

  • prometheus-image-path | string

    Default: prom/prometheus:latest

    The location of the image to use, e.g. "". This setting is required.

  • prometheus-image-username | string

    The username for accessing the registry specified in prometheus-image-path.

  • scrape-interval | string

    Default: 1m

    How frequently to scrape targets by default.

  • scrape-timeout | string

    Default: 10s

    How long until a scrape request times out.

  • ssl-cert | string

    SSL certificate to install and use for Prometheus endpoint.

  • ssl-key | string

    SSL key to use with certificate specified as ssl-cert.

  • tsdb-retention-time | string

    Default: 15d

    How long to retain samples in the storage. Units Supported: y, w, d, h, m, s

  • tsdb-wal-compression | boolean

    This flag enables compression of the write-ahead log (WAL). Depending on your data, you can expect the WAL size to be halved with little extra cpu load.

  • web-external-url | string

    The URL under which Prometheus is externally reachable (for example, if Prometheus is served via a reverse proxy). Used for generating relative and absolute links back to Prometheus itself. If the URL has a path portion, it will be used to prefix all HTTP endpoints served by Prometheus. If omitted, relevant URL components will be derived automatically.