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  • base-url | string


    Base URL of the MariaDB Enterprise repository package

  • base-url-org | string


    Base URL of the MariaDB repository

  • binlog-format | string

    Default: MIXED

    If binlogging is enabled, this is the format that will be used. Ignored when tuning-level == fast.

  • block-size | int

    Default: 5

    Default block storage size to create when setting up MySQL block storage. This value should be specified in GB (e.g. 100 not 100GB).

  • ceph-osd-replication-count | int

    Default: 2

    This value dictates the number of replicas ceph must make of any object it stores within the mysql rbd pool. Of course, this only applies if using Ceph as a backend store. Note that once the mysql rbd pool has been created, changing this value will not have any effect (although it can be changed in ceph by manually configuring your ceph cluster).

  • dataset-size | string

    Default: 50%

    How much data do you want to keep in memory in the database. This will be used to tune settings in the database server appropriately. Any more specific settings will override these defaults though. This currently sets innodb_buffer_pool_size or key_cache_size depending on the setting in preferred-storage-engine. If query-cache-type is set to 'ON' or 'DEMAND' 20% of this is given to query-cache-size. Suffix this value with 'K','M','G', or 'T' to get the relevant kilo/mega/etc. bytes. If suffixed with %, one will get that percentage of RAM devoted to dataset and (if enabled) query cache.

  • enterprise-eula | boolean

    I have read and agree to the ENTERPRISE TRIAL agreement, located in located in the charm, or on the web here:

  • ha-bindiface | string

    Default: eth0

    Default network interface on which HA cluster will bind to communication with the other members of the HA Cluster.

  • ha-mcastport | int

    Default: 5411

    Default multicast port number that will be used to communicate between HA Cluster nodes.

  • key | string

    Default: 0xce1a3dd5e3c94f49

    GPG Key used to verify MariaDB Enterprise packages

  • key-org | string

    Default: 0xcbcb082a1bb943db 0xF1656F24C74CD1D8

    GPG Keys used to verify MariaDB packages

  • max-connections | int

    Default: -1

    Maximum connections to allow. -1 means use the server's compiled in default.

  • preferred-storage-engine | string

    Default: InnoDB

    Tune the server for usage of this storage engine. Other possible value is MyISAM. Comma separated will cause settings to split resources evenly among given engines.

  • query-cache-size | int

    Default: -1

    Override the computed version from dataset-size. Still works if query-cache-type is "OFF" since sessions can override the cache type setting on their own.

  • query-cache-type | string

    Default: OFF

    Query cache is usually a good idea, but can hurt concurrency. Valid values are "OFF", "ON", or "DEMAND".

  • rbd-name | string

    Default: mysql1

    The name that will be used to create the Ceph's RBD image with. If the image name exists in Ceph, it will be re-used and the data will be overwritten.

  • repo-pkg | string

    Default: mariadb-enterprise-repository.deb

    The name of the MariaDB Enterprise repository package

  • series | string

    Default: 10.1

    Name of the MariaDB series to install

  • token | string

    Enterprise download token from

  • tuning-level | string

    Default: safest

    Valid values are 'safest', 'fast', and 'unsafe'. If set to safest, all settings are tuned to have maximum safety at the cost of performance. Fast will turn off most controls, but may lose data on crashes. unsafe will turn off all protections.

  • vip | string

    Virtual IP to use to front mariadb in ha configuration

  • vip_cidr | int

    Default: 24

    Netmask that will be used for the Virtual IP

  • vip_iface | string

    Default: eth0

    Network Interface where to place the Virtual IP