Websphere Liberty

juju deploy websphere-liberty

14.04 LTS

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WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile

Liberty Profile is a dynamic profile of IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) that enables the WAS server to provision only the required features of an application (or set of applications) deployed to the server.

If an application only requires a servlet engine, then all that starts is the WAS kernel, the HTTP transport and the web container. Which is fast to bring up and has an small footprint.

The WAS Liberty profile provides a development-centric approach to configuring the server. Configuration is through a simple XML file which is easy to author, maintain in a version control system, share across and between development team, and diff for changes.


If you are on IBM Power8 hardware (ppc64le), you can take advantage of the IBM Java Software Development Kit (SDK). To do so, you must read and agree to the terms and conditions found in the IBM Java license. The license can be found in the IBM-Java-license.txt file in the charm directory or by going here and click on Download to view the license for that version. Please check for the license associated with the IBM JDK version that you use.

For POWER LE machines, IBM Java can be installed. Copy your licensed sdkibmppc64le.tar.gz to the files/archives directory before deploying the charm. Installing this is optional as the default OpenJDK can be used instead. You will need to set accept-ibm-java-license to True to install IBM Java.

The license for Websphere Liberty can be found in the license file in the charm directory under files/archives after deploying the charm or by going here and click on Download to view the license for version Please check for the license associated with the Websphere Liberty version that you use.

The charm downloads the version of the Websphere Liberty runtime and its' associated license from IBM.

Run the following to deploy this charm:

juju deploy websphere-liberty

At this point the charm will wait until the user accepts the license. If you agree to the license, run the following command:

juju config websphere-liberty accept-ibm-websphere-license=True

By default the charm will deploy the websphere liberty version from the repository. To install a specific version of WebSphere Liberty, run the following command:

juju config websphere-liberty ibm-liberty-version=""

If using a version of WebSphere Liberty that is not the default (, please provide the checksum value of the file which you want to install:

juju config ibm-websphere-liberty sha_wlp="<checksum value>"

You can find the checksum value of the file using the following command:

sha512sum <file name>

Expose the application with juju expose websphere-liberty and browse to http://ip-address:9080 to view WebSphere Liberty Profile.


The Java Development Kit to install for this charm. Options are 'default', and 'ibm'. The OpenJDK will be installed and used by default. To use the IBM JDK you must read and accept the IBM Java license file.

Before you can use, extract, or install IBM WebSphere Liberty Server, you must accept the terms of International License Agreement for Non-Warranted Programs and additional license information. Please read the license agreement carefully.

The WebSphere software cannot be installed until the terms and contions are accepted. The charm will not function correctly until the this configuration option is set to True.

The IBM Java software comes with special terms and conditions from IBM. The IBM Java software can only be used by accepting the terms and conditions found in the IBM-Java-license.txt file.

Setting this option to True indicates that you have read and accept the IBM Java terms and conditions found in the license file. The license file can be found in the root directory of the charm source in the IBM-Java-license.txt file or by going here.

The IBM Java software is optional, the OpenJDK will be used by default if the license terms are not accepted.

Petstore is a web application written in Java used to test that WebSphere Liberty Profile is working. The default value is True, but set this to False if you do not want the test application installed.

ibm-liberty-version The version of WLP which has to be installed. If nothing is mentioned, it would install v16.0.0.4 (the latest current version).

sha_wlp: Checksum value to check integrity of IBM WLP package. The Charm uses sha512sum to check the integrity. The default is set to the checksum of the WLP archive.

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